Thursday, 9 July 2009

Point of care testing for Albumin Creatinin Ratio in urine

The Centre for Evidence Based Purchasing has produced a buyers guide for point of care devices for the measurement of ACR in urine and somewhat perplexingly, in the same document, measurement of HbA1c. It is recognised that point of care testing provides increased choice for people but that quality control, clinical governance arrangements and information technology links to ensure integration into the clinical record are essential components when POCT is adopted. The buyers guide can be downloaded free from the Buyers Guide website. It again emphasises the importance of quantitative ACR measurement as recommended by the NICE Guideline 73 on chronic kidney disease and provides detailed advice on operational considerations as well as costing. The market review contains a detailed analysis of all the devices that were on the UK market in June 2008. All the devices reviewed are CE marked.

The guide will be a particularly valuable resource for Primary Care Trusts and laboratory services who might be considering such options for the early identification and management of CKD or to extend the scope of NHS Checks to include a comprehensive kidney assessment as is being considered in some locations.