Friday, 1 May 2009

Q & A: Haemodialysis nurses and work permits

Q: Dear Donal, a limit to opening HD capacity is getting trained HD nurses. They are a scarce and valuable resource. I gather that the Home Office will not grant them work permits to work as HD nurses even though they are already here working in other roles. This restriction does not apply to theatre nurses. Can you use your influence to get this ruling modified? Dr Chris Winearls, Oxford Kidney Unit

A: Dear Chris, although renal nurses have been taken off the occupation shortage list the NHS employers do provide some further guidance

“Removal of a particular occupation from the list does not mean that a tier 2 application will not be granted for any vacancy that exists. Providing the employer can demonstrate that the post has been advertised and there were no suitable applicants from the resident labour market, an individual from overseas may be selected and appointed providing they meet all the eligibility criteria for tier 2.
The job vacancy must have been advertised to settled workers. If the salary for the job is £40,000 or under, you must advertise it for a minimum of two weeks. If the vacancy is over £40,000, you must advertise it for a minimum of one week”. Donal