Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bedtime reading: annual evidence on proteinuria and eGFR (NHS evidence - kidney disease)

The 2009 Annual Evidence Update on Proteinuria and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate provides an update on the evidence presented during last year's Knowledge Week. The most useful papers on the following topics have been selected by Dr David Goldsmith and Dr Edward Sharples:

1. Basic science
2. Clinical aspects
3. Management

Provided by NICE, NHS Evidence is a new service which will develop, enhance and expand the services that were previously provided by the National Library for Health (NLH). The NLH and its Specialist Libraries became part of NHS Evidence on 1 April 2009. Release 1 of the NHS Evidence portal and search engine went live on 30 April 2009.

The specialist collections have been developed to identify and meet the information needs of particular communities of practice. They are web-based collections containing clinical and non-clinical information on the major health priority areas. Each specialist collection identifies and provides access to quality assessed information of relevance to the community that it serves. An aspect of this involves the production of Annual Evidence Updates, which aim to highlight the best current evidence for selected healthcare topics. Annual Evidence Updates consist of the good quality evidence from a search of research evidence on a particular topic over a 12 month period, plus user-friendly summaries written by relevant experts, and links to guidelines, secondary research and primary research, if applicable. All information included in Annual Evidence Updates has been subject to rigorous selection criteria.