Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kidneys for Life

Donate Kidneys for Life Receive is the strap line for World Kidney Day 2012 and campaign material for 8 March 2012 is now available. There’s lots to choose from including fact sheets, web banners, stories and t-shirts.

March may seem a long time off but if you are going to get a screensaver on your hospital or company’s system for the day, or better still the week, or if you want to plan a local awareness raising event, the earlier you start the more likely you are to succeed. I would urge everyone in the kidney community to ask the questions:

  • What could I do personally to raise awareness of kidney transplantation?

  • What could I, as part of my local team do to make a difference?
Local media and local stories drive success and we each have a part we can play.

The NHS Kidney Care initiative on timely listing is providing a focus on pre-emptive kidney transplantation and the kidney care quality plan is helping teams remove unnecessary delays to transplantation. Make a song and a dance about your local success - however good you are doing, I know you can still raise the bar further. The WKD 2012 materials are great take a look at the 2012 campaign flyer. You could supplement with your own local news, link to stories or information about altruistic donation, have a look at the excellent Kidney Research UK and Kidney Alliance websites and work with your local KPA.

I like the silhouettes but thought this year I might be able to spot someone who'd undergone a nephrectomy or better still, an active silhouette with someone else's kidney in their left or right iliac fossa.

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