Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Manchester demonstrates more for less - Innovation Challenge Prize Awards

The Department of Health has announced the first 3 recipients of its Innovation Challenge Prize which recognises ideas developed by frontline staff to deliver solutions to the problems facing their patients. Among the 3 is Manchester Royal Infirmary, awarded the maximum prize of £100,000 after developing an innovative approach to redesigning existing dialysis provisions in hospital. The money will be used to improve the service further and they hope to roll out the system across the NHS. Their innovation means that patients are able to choose home instead of hospital haemodialysis and has had substantial effects on service costs for the hospital. By continuing to use hospital dialysis costs would have been expected to be £45,628 per patient, per annum to NHS Manchester. The average home dialysis cost of £26,289 compares favourably with the annual average per patient cost of £40,145 for attendance at Manchester Royal Infirmary, and £45,628 for attendance at a satellite clinic. These figures include secondary costs such as patient and carer time costs in addition to the NHS costs.

This innovative approach to dialysis provision in Manchester allows the choice of home haemodialysis to all those who might benefit, and has transformed patient lives with improved outcomes. A dedicated and highly skilled team led by Dr Sandip Mitra and Sister Gill Dutton empowers patients and has so far trained 180 patients to be independent on haemodialysis at home.

The other 2 winners were MRC Cancer Unit (Cambridge) and NHS Bristol.

Congratulations to Dr Sandip Mitra and Gill Dutton on this latest award which comes soon after they scooped the NICE shared learning award in May 2011.

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