Thursday, 8 July 2010

Screensavers save lives!

I am always looking out for ideas where impact can be made and awareness raised and at Salford Royal, where I wear my “consultant hat”, the team organises awareness events for National Transplant Week (NTW) every year encouraged by David Dalton (CEO, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust).
They have organised a balloon release, held donor drives with the donor bus visiting local towns, devised newsletters and screensavers and this year will be holding their third annual meal at the Midland Hotel (Manchester) where dialysis patients and transplantees enjoy an entirely dialysis-friendly 3 course meal. With a great team working together, they have received support from the Trust, Hope Kidney Patient Association, celebrities and pharmaceutical companies who have provided funding, photographers and raffle prizes.

It’s not rocket science. But it does take planning, determination and a great kidney team, working together with the Trust, PCTs, the KPA and other organisations, to pull it off. This year, concentration has focussed on staff and visitors to Salford Royal. There is a well stocked stand with information, donor cards, balloons, pens and car stickers in the shopping plaza at Salford Royal Hospital, a newsletter to employees and a screensaver which activates on idle computers.

The message is clear for all to see wherever you look - Well done “Team Salford”!

top balloon release Salford 2004, centre donor drive Wigan 2008 and screensaver 2010