Monday, 7 June 2010

National End of Life Care Intelligence Network (NEoLCIN)

Claire Henry (Director, National End of Life Care Programme) launched the NEoLCIN on 18 May 2010 and it is already full of fascinating data on cause of death by age, gender and different locations. It provides atlases and comparative data and aims to bring together all the available data and intelligence that we have on EoLC.

There are also a series of links to research, education and ongoing projects and this section trails “death from renal diseases in England” which is a short report focussing on the analysis of the Office for National Statistics' mortality data to give an insight into the different numbers, rates and place of death from selected renal diseases.

The NEoLCIN will publish data on when people die and what affects their care, giving commissioners and care providers a firm evidence base for the delivery of services for people at the end of their life, their families and carers.