Thursday, 27 May 2010

Truly Tasty

Valerie Twomey, a kidney transplant recipient has spent the last year or more bringing together chefs from across Ireland to create over 100 special recipes for adults living with kidney disease. Valerie is passionate about people with kidney disease being able to live their lives to the full. We met a few years ago when we were both speaking in the European Parliament and at that time Valerie mentioned this project to me. I am delighted to see it come to fuitition.

For your next celebratory dinner how about an elegant courgette carpaccio with rocket & parmesan, the creation of chef and cookery teacher Rory O’Connell, followed by mouth-watering poached salmon pancakes with chive cream cheese from the kitchen of Kevin Dundon at Dunbrody House ; and, to finish, either a pear and apple crumble or for the truly traditional bread and butter pudding a la Domini Kemp who with her sister runs Itsabagel.

Eating well and enjoying eating is one of life’s great pleasures but is not quite such an easy task for those with long term kidney problems where diet is an important aspect of care. Knowing “what is in that dish” is not something that comes easily. Preparation of a meal suitable for adults with kidney disease is one step; preparation of a kidney friendly meal that’s also delicious may be a considerably harder step to master. Valerie Twomey has assembled some mouth watering recipes from Ireland’s top chefs, each recipe has been expertly analysed by renal dietitians to ensure that they can be easily incorporated into a renal diet. Of course one size does not fit all and it’s important to fit these recipes into the overall diet and before using the book kidney patients are advised to discuss recipes with their dietitian. The chefs in this book have proven that you can enjoy great food whilst on a renal diet. “Truly Tasty” is available to buy from book shops or you can read a but more about it and order online at Amazon.