Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Invest in engagement

The Picker Institute have launched a new web tool to help the NHS unlock some of the benefits of effective patient and public engagement in health called “invest in engagement”. Picker have analysed evidence from 280 high level research reviews relevant to patient and public engagement in health. These are organised into 6 domains that are based on priority areas for the NHS in England:

The report highlights communication, training for health professionals as leading to better patient satisfaction and the value of patient centred consulting styles and longer consultations. These interventions may help to improve health outcomes and encourage better self care. In choosing treatment the evidence appears to be even stronger that patient decision aids will:

  • Increase patient involvement in decision
  • Lead to better understanding and treatment options
  • More accurate perception of risks
  • Improved quality of decision making
  • Appropriate impact on update of screening
  • Does not increase patient anxiety
  • May reduce intervention rates
  • May be cost effective

Invest in engagement is neatly packaged and includes information on “best buys” as well as video clips and detailed analyses of the literature.