Thursday, 14 January 2010

What about a 4223% return on investment?

If I received an email of that title I would delete it without reading. If something looks too good to be true it usually is and should be avoided!

When it comes to healthcare and green nephrology in particular, returns on investment can be staggeringly high. Andy Connor (NHS Kidney Care sponsored Green Nephrology Fellow) has worked out the costs, risks and rewards of conserving and recycling water used in haemodialysis. Case studies from the Canterbury and Ashford dialysis units provide a guide for salvaging “reject water” that in most units is needlessly “lost to drain”. For a small capital outlay this water can be salvaged and put to alternative use such as in the hospital laundry or sanitation systems to provide steam for equipment sterilisation or to feed low pressure boilers.

Steve Milne (Renal Technical Manager, Kent and Canterbury) who introduced the systems commented that “back in 1999 I was amazed how simple this all was to do – 10 years later, given the savings we have made, I am amazed nobody else has done it too”.

Read the detail about the investment appraisal, environmental savings and how to do the same in your own local unit on the Greener Healthcare website.