Monday, 23 February 2009

bedtime reading: Clostridium difficile infection: how to deal with the problem

All healthcare staff should take personal responsibility for good infection control practice. Doctors and nurses should apply the following mnemonic protocol (site) when managing suspected potential infectious diarrhoea:

S Suspect that a case may be infective where there is no clear alternative cause for diarrhoea
I Isolate the patient and consult with the infection control team (ICT) while determining the
cause of the diarrhoea
G Gloves and aprons must be used for all contacts with the patient and their environment
H Hand washing with soap and water should be carried out before and after each contact with
the patient and patient’s environment
T Test the stool for toxin, by sending a specimen immediately

You can read the full guidance here. Does your renal unit have a designated link clinician working with your Trust’s anti microbial management team?