Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas message

The year began with Gordon Brown informing Parliament that kidney disease is a major vascular risk factor - the first Prime Minister in history to use the “k” word in the Palace of Westminster. As the year draws to a close we are putting the final touches to a new NHS organisation – NHS Kidney Care, an improvement team for the kidney community. Between those time points lots has happened:

  • In February the Organs for Transplants report was funded.

  • New vascular checks for all above the age of 40 has been inveiled.

  • 25% more people have been identified with early kidney disease.

  • The NICE guideline on CKD was launched.

  • The Dialysis Manifesto has been produced by the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group.

  • New kidney units have been opened.

  • The National Kidney Federation has moved to new offices.

  • More people are receiving home haemodialysis now than at any time for several decades.

  • We have continued to see growth in live and non heart beating donor transplant.

2008 has been a good year, lets make 2009 a great year for kidney care.