Monday, 6 October 2008

Dialysis Manifesto Launched on 4 October 2008

The All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group whose Dialysis Manifesto was launched at the National Kidney Federation meeting, Leamington Spa on Saturday 4 October identifies 10 key priorities for action:

1. Increase dialysis provision to match patient numbers
2. Improve the choice of dialysis for patients
3. Improve early recognition of patients who will need dialysis
4. Ensure pre-emptive transplantation is considered before dialysis
5. Provide vascular access and PD catheter access surgery early
6. Ensure every patient has an individualised care plan
7. Use the Renal Registry to plan and audit dialysis services
8. Improve the provision of “away from unit” dialysis
9. Provide free car parking at hospitals for people using dialysis services
10. Maintain the commissioning status of dialysis services as specialised services

Read or download the full document from the NKF website.