Friday, 4 July 2008

Darzi Next Stage Review "High Quality Care for All" - this means people with kidney disease as well

The final report of the Next Stage Review, “High Quality Care for All” was published on 30 June 2008.
This is an enabling report, aimed to support the implementation of the long-term vision that each SHA in England has set out.
As the title implies, there is a strong focus on quality of care in the overarching national report.
On Monday at the Royal Horticultural Society, we had to endure the "jokes" about the process being “no bed of roses” and the Ministerial Health team being “the blooms in Alan Johnsons team” as well as the summer heat in the main hall - some of you may remember it from MRCP or other exams.
I attended the launch meeting where David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS advised the following:
  • Don't wait for central guidance;
  • Make trouble if quality isn't being delivered;
  • Put patient care at the centre;
  • Each of us must take responsibility for transcending the organisational barriers to delivering high quality care

Several of the SHA documents mention kidney care in the long term conditions and end of life work streams and the report provides a further platform for improving quality of kidney care.