Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Kidney Care 18 Week Pathways Live

The 18 week pathways are up and running. If you haven't checked them out, have a look at the website for the 18 week pathways.

Rob Lusardi (Assistant Director, West Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group) is now working with Neil Grogan (Deputy Divisional Manager), Mr Andy Reddy (Consultant Clinical Lead for Transplantation), Dr Graham Lipkin (Clinical Lead for Haemodialysis) all at University Hospital Birmingham and Alison Priestley (Renal Service Manager, Salford Royal Hospital) to define the dataset for the regular performance reports we expect to be produced by each Trust.

In general nephrology the definitive "treatment" - the clock stopper, will be provision of a careplan integrated with cardiovascular risk reduction given to the patient. Janet Hegarty (Consultant Renal Physician) from my own unit at Salford Royal Hospital is helping lead a project to help design care plan templates for each stage of the kidney care pathway - but more about that in a later blog. The 18 week pathway should therefore help us acheive Standard ONE of the Renal NSF.

STANDARD ONE - All children, young people and adults with chronic kidney disease are to have access to information that enables them with their carers to make informed decisions and encourages partnership in decision-making, with an agreed care plan that supports them in managing their condition to achieve the best possible quality of life.

It also covers primary care assessment, and management. It identifies the "care bundle" required for early CKD management.

The clocks for vascular access formation, transplant listing and the live donor pathway are additional levers with which we can improve the experience and outcomes of people with more advanced kidney disease.

If you are a clinician reading this why not download a copy of the kidney pathway FAQs - it will help you in clinic when you are completing the form.