Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Q & A Funding from the Secretary of State to Reduce HCAI

Q: I have read the email you sent regarding the support from the Secretary of State to reduce HCAIs and the particular emphasis that is being put on vascular access and care of lines etc. We were visited by the Department of Health recently and have identified some areas in the Renal Unit where we would like to do some work around this. I wonder if you have any further information on how to gain funding to move some of our ideas forward and specifically what might be an area within this that would be considered appropriate?

July email reproduced here in part for reference:
Dear Clinical Directors
Re Funding to reduce HCAI
One of the first actions of the new Secretary of State was to announce further funding of £50M for HCAI – in particular to reduce MRSA. I have flagged the central role of vascular access in renal services related HCAI and if your Trust has been visited by the Cleaner Hospitals Team you will know that access, line care and protocols to fast track those starting haemodialysis without a fistula are part of the review. The central funding will be distributed by SHAs who will request proposals from Trusts. If your unit has HCAI concerns and have identified interventions that you require funds to introduce (ie enabling day case vascular access, vascular access coordinator posts, pharmacy costs for antibiotic locks, radiology sessions) then I strongly urge you to lobby your Directors of Nursing so that a case can be made to the SHA from your Trust for funding of these initiatives.
Richard Fluck, in Derby, has been helping me with the Renal HCAI projects and if you would like to discuss the matter further please contact myself or Richard.
Some further analysis of HES is available please contact me via email (address at foot of page) if you require copies. The activity rates by old SHA are striking – I am not sure that the wait time (displayed in pmp) is the best way to describe delays.

A: The funds will go to SHA level (£5M for each SHA) and Trusts will be asked to bid for money for projects to bring down their HCAIs. Your director of Nursing might be the best person to speak to about this. I hope this helps.